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P ress releases were done by Mark Hemets-Berger of Marketing & Communications Manager of ABC Radio Australia said that Radio Australia produces two daily news contains podcast by three minutes.

The new format has obtained many audiences ABC radio podcasts are specific to fully contain the news, OZPOD, focusing on the daily news summary, and PACPOD Australia, contains a daily summary of news from the Pacific.

The Podcasts have tended to contain programs that are "features", a documentary and English lessons, and not the age of materials such as news, so this new program format is unique and original.

News editor of Radio Australia, Deborah Steel said,
"To build on the growing needs of the digital materials in Radio Australia, particularly in the material to download podcasts, we have identified the fissure to meet the needs of the target market, in the form of daily news podcasts for the Pacific region and Australia that has high-quality of each".

This both new program podcasts continues to expand Radio Australia that the material is available online and become an additional commitment to continue to provide programs for regular high-quality for its audience and internet users in Asia and the Pacific. The new program also can be accessed according to the availability of time and ease them.

Radio Australia's current scope of the program provides a broad podcasts in various languages, from English lessons in two languages for programs that are more focused, such as innovation; Pacific Beat & Pacific Beat-on the Mat, Asia Pacific & Asia Pacific-Business, In the Loop, Correspondents Notebook, Match Night Asia, Australia and Now the Breakfast Club.

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