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Children Furniture

Design of the children room should be seeing some safety factors, especially for the furniture. Basic materials of the furniture preferably made of wood or plastic and not pointed on the corner, choose a bright color to attract the attention of children. Contemporary designs or patterns of cartoons can be a choice to comfort the children grow.

The first furniture that must be prepared to fill up the room of the child is a bed. this bed better be designed completely, so the child can feel totally comfortable to sleep. Currently the various colors and shapes beds have been easily found. Generally, children beds are given the bright and cloudless atmosphere. Height of the beds should also be paid attention. Choose the short bed, so the children can play and rest safely.

Other standard equipment that often found is wardrobe and the desk, can also add other equipment such as desks and chairs if enough space. Apart of the bed and place of learning, children's rooms can also be used as a place to relax and play.

The sofa could be used by parents to sit while chatting with the children. Generally, under the sofa has a long space that can be used to store the toys. The sofa can be made consistent with the theme of children's rooms, such as color and theme is the seat upholstery with bed sheets or curtain room.

The box of the toy also some furniture that might not be ignored. Toys must have a place apart. Never put the toys on the bed, because it will stimulate children to play. This meant that children can learn independently, with began to put the toy in the box, so when the children sleep, it’s no longer disturbed by the presence of toys that are still in the room. Choose a light and strong box, prefer the obtuse angle. Close of the box must be flexible so that children can use easily.

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