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Darrell Riddle

When the frequency of virtualization usage in the higher production environment, information technology division will face various challenges in the new data protection, among others, to backup the virtual machine and meet the time period for recovery.

According to the Darrell Riddle, a company need the efficient and flexible approach to protect their data and systems. Each company or organization must have some equipments to protect their data and systems in the virtual and physical environment, “and the solution should be simple", shared the former Network Administrator for the TCI cablevision satellite division.

As the Director of Technical Product Management, Symantec Corporation, Darrell was responsible for helping customers around the world that can get better results as the IT solution. He was joined for 18 years at Symantec, and more than 20 years in the computer industry. According to him, working in this industry will be difficult, unless if did it seriously.

Therefore, he must develop relationships with external partners to know the requirement for their business needs. “This is very important to ensure that Symantec meet the needs of the customers around the world", he said.

Apart of his work, he also has a unique way of maintaining relationships with family, especially his child. Darrell admitted to always bring his child's toy, it will keep to remind his family. Even sometimes, his child's toy could bring the special inspiration. In the middle of his activity, he always try to take a time to send e-mail or telephone to know the condition of his family.

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