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Tips to Save Your Mobile Phone Battery

Low quality standard of mobile phone batteries are one of the causes by mobile phone battery which runs out quickly. Another factor is inefficient usage of those mobile phones.

Here are some guidelines in order that you can have a long life battery power:
  • Do not switch the ringing and vibrating at the same time, because it will drain the battery energy, use only one.
  • Remove your phone screen brightness by up to 50 percent. It aims to make energy a battery used more sparingly.
  • Set the backlight duration, do not leave the light too long, 5 to 15 seconds only, then turn off the Bluetooth, GPRS, or infrared if you do not use.
  • Do not be too often play games, listen to music, and video calls that do not quickly run out of the battery.
  • Place your phone in the place where have the normal temperatures, so that no damage occurred as a result of temperatures that are too high or low.
  • Should turn off the phone if you are in areas that are difficult to get a signal.
  • Do not be too often to turn off your mobile phone.
  • When the battery runs out, recharge the battery immediately. But, if it is full, immediately remove the charger from the socket and electric cable from the phone, so as the battery does not expand or to expand.

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